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Filing Bankruptcy for a Fresh Start

Serving the Las Vegas Valley Area since 2009, The Law Office of Miguel Lopez is here to help you through hard times.

You may not realize it, but your financial problems hurt every part of your life. And it's worse if it appears that things are not going to get better.

Often, simply having an answer as to how you will handle your problems relieves much of the stress and tension related to them. Bankruptcy can give you a financial fresh start and the opportunity to start again.

If you are looking for a financial fresh start, please call The Law Office of Miguel Lopez. He understands, and will help you understand your options, whether it be Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or some other negotiated resolution. His goal is for you to have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your financial future and help to find the right options for you.

Contact Attorney Miguel Lopez to schedule a FREE consultation to go over the bankruptcy options available to you.